Our Patenting Support

  • einstein_quote2NDA: Our client’s Intellectual Property is a key asset. Therefore we conclude a formal Non-Disclosure Agreement before any substantive discussion takes place.
  • Key Innovations: Our client describes the invention, provides the best available written technical description, and explains what Key Aspects of the invention should be protected. We assist our client in identifying these aspects based on our patenting and technological experience.
  • Key Contact: Our client designates a Key Intellectual Property Contact within the company with whom we maintain contact throughout the patenting process. This communication is extensive as we strive to function as part of our client’s R&D team. Our decades of first hand R&D and Product Development experience is an important strength in this respect.
  • Draft Specification: We prepare an attorney-filing-ready draft specification for the patent application, along with trial claims. We discuss this result in detail with the Key IP Contact to ensure the result meets expectations. Since the claims represent our client’s central stake in the patent, much focus is placed on these and the required support for them in the specification.
  • Attorney: Our client contracts with a suitable patent attorney for the final review and formal filing of the patent application. Experience has taught us that the choice of attorney is very important. For this reason we maintain relationships with a carefully selected set of attorneys who have maintained a proven record of high quality and cost conscious service.
  • Prosecution Support: We remain available to support both our client and the attorney during prosecution of the patent when Office Actions are received from the relevant Patent Authority.