Our Business Model

Problem Statement —

  • High Tech Startup companies are profoundly dependent on their Intellectual Property.
  • The devil is often in the detail of their business and they need Intellectual Property Management with insight into that detail.
  • They cannot justify an in-house Intellectual Property manager.bus_model3
  • They struggle to afford the services of patent attorneys.
  • Patent attorneys are not always familiar enough with the business challenges, resulting in less than ideally focused claims.

The Solution —

  • Use High Tech expertise with strong Intellectual Property background to draft the patent disclosure with focus on the claims.
  • Provide the product to an experienced and cost conscious patent attorney for review, filing and prosecution.
  • Retain the High Tech party to ensure the Intellectual Property program tracks the R&D and business plans.
  • Keep patenting costs low by using only the amount of Intellectual Property Management and attorney time needed

We render our services based on decades of hands-on Technological, R&D and IP Management experience.